The Identity SDK

This package facilitates the interaction with Identities stored in the BlockChain.


It is recommended you read the Identities section before continuing further.

The JS Identity SDK targets server-side environments with a NodeJS Runtime. It is intended to work in-browser with web3 provider as well, but it was not built for browsers yet.

It is intended to support any identity compliant with the ERC734 and ERC735 standards (which are still in draft state). It will work especially well with the contract implementations of the T-REX standard.


  • Deploy identities
  • List keys on an Identity.
  • Manage keys on an Identity (if allowed).
  • List Claims on an Identity.
  • Manage Claims on an Identity (if allowed).
  • Issue claims for an Identity (if allowed).
  • Verify a claim (check validity).
  • Fetch claim data using their URI.
  • Request access to claim private data using their URI.
  • Use access grants to access private data of claims.