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Claim Types

These are the list of claim types that are standard for InvestorID Identities and some other standards like T-REX.

A JSON description of these types, completed with the parsing method description can be downloaded from the Github repository.

Claim Type Name Description Scheme Data
10101000042003 FIRST_NAME_CLEAR First name in clear text. URL_ENCODED firstName=VALUE
10101000042004 LAST_NAME_CLEAR Last name in clear text. URL_ENCODED lastName=VALUE
10101000100000 INDIVIDUAL_INVESTOR Investor is an individual. EMPTY true
10101000100001 BASIC_IDENTITY Combination of name, gender and birth date, hashed. STRING 0x0999ddefa34bc...
10101000100002 CONTACT_ADDRESS Combination of residence, email, phone, hashed. STRING 0x0999ddefa34bc...
10101000100003 SOVEREIGN_IDENTITY Combination of ID number, TIN, hashed. STRING 0x0999ddefa34bc...
10101000100004 POLITICALLY_EXPOSED Investor is politically exposed, data is PEP type. STRING elected
10101000200000 INSTITUTIONAL_INVESTOR Investor is an institution. EMPTY
10101000200001 INSTITUTION_INFORMATION Concatenation of company name and type, hashed. STRING 0x0999ddefa34bc...
10101000200002 INSTITUTION_DETAILS Concatenation of incorporation date, sector and form, hashed. STRING 0x0999ddefa34bc...
10101000200008 LEGAL_IDENTIFICATION Concatenation of registration number, VAT, LEI, hashed. STRING 0x0999ddefa34bc...
10101000200009 INSTITUTIONAL_ROLE Role of identity owner investor in the institution (if relevant). STRING Some role
10101000300002 COUNTRY Country ISO-3 in clear. STRING FRA
10101000300003 AML_STATUS AML status first, then reason in clear, and details hashed. URL_ENCODED status=0&reason=Description&hash=0x0999ddefa...34bc
10101000300004 ETH_WALLETS List of ETH Wallet address allowed to receive tokens for this identity. ARRAY 0x0999ddefa34bc,0x0999ddefa34bc,0x0999ddefa34bc
10101000300005 BANK_ACCOUNTS List of Bank Accounts data hash (currencies, IBAN, BIC). KEY_PAIRS accountA=0x0999ddefa34bc;accountB=0x0999ddefa34bc
10101000300006 CRYPTO_ACCOUNTS List of Crypto Accounts data hash (currency and wallet address). KEY_PAIRS accountA=0x0999ddefa34bc;accountB=0x0999ddefa34bc
1010101xxxxxxx SPECIFIC_KYC_STATUS Details required by offering for the KYC status, hashed. STRING 0x0999ddefa34bc...
1010102xxxxxxx SPECIFIC_ACCREDITATION Investor is accredited by issuer, or status is irrelevant. INTEGER 1 for accredited, 2 for irrelevant.